Join us as we take precision piecing to another level - FUN! We will be meeting once a month to learn how to use a new tool and the different units that it can create. There are options to participate - call or stop in to sign up meeti



**Adding another section - Weds from 1-4 pm
Weds. Oct 10th/ Nov 7th/Dec 5th

Enrollment Note: Students may elect to enroll in multiple offerings or choose specific classes. If you enroll in three or more classes at once, you receive a 20% discount on your tools.


 If you missed previous classes, that is no problem. Jump in now.


 Required tool options:


  • Bring your tool to class because you already have it.
  • Purchase your tool at class because you know you want one of your own.
  • Or, reserve a tool for a $5 rental fee during class with the option to purchase.




Fabric Requirements: Since these are technique classes, you will be practicing the technique. Students are encouraged to use their "wonder" fabric. Wonder fabric is fabric from your stash that when you look at it you think, "hmm, I wonder what I was thinking when I bought this?" You will be given a fabric requirement list prior to each session.


 Course Descriptions and schedule


 Course: 1-101 Tucker Trimmer   With this tool, a quilter has 33 opportunities to create precise units. These are the basic units in quilts, therefore they must be precise to fit nicely with more advanced units. This is a perfect place for any quilter to begin their journey through the Studio 180 Design set of tools.


            You will also learn how to make Shaded Four Patch units. Using Deb Tucker’s method, the quilter eliminates the need to stitch fabrics on an unsecured bias.


            Required tool:  Tucker Trimmer ($19.50)


            Required Design Sheet: Shaded Four Patch (included in price)


1-101 (Evening)              Tuesday, October 9, 2018                       6 pm to 9 pm               


1-101 (Afternoon)           Saturday, October 13, 2018                    1 pm to 4 pm 




Course: 1-201 V Block       If you are seeing stars in your future then you have just found your new best friend, the V Block ®. Making stars is not the only thing the V Block®  can do to improve your piecing techniques.  Once you learn how to use the V Block  ®, you will be able to make circles magically appear with sewing curves!  Also included in this class is how to create Hi/low and Sidekick units.


            Required tools:  V Block ® ($22.50)


            Required Design Sheet:  High/low and Sidekick Technique  (supplied)


1-201 (Evening)              Tuesday, November 6, 2018                 6 pm to 9 pm


1-201 (Afternoon)           Saturday, November 10, 2018              1 pm to 4 pm


Course: 1-301 Wing Clipper 1     I love making these units!  No bias sewing, perfect points, and 4 times the units for less work- that’s what I’m talking about.  This method can be applied to any pattern requiring Flying Geese units.   Add to this, Pickets and Quickets Technique, and you too will be flying high with these versatile units.  Don’t know what they are?  You will learn to recognize these units in all of your favorite patterns and magazines, shrug and say “I can do that!”.  (yes, this is a teaser….)


            Required tools:  Wing Clipper 1 ($20.50)


            Required Design Sheet:  Pickets and Quickets


1-301 (Evening)             Tuesday, December 4, 2018                  6 pm to 9 pm


1-301 (Afternoon)            Saturday, December8, 2018                 1 pm to 4 pm



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Send form and payment to: Midwest Quilt Company 102 Hall St Shelbina, Mo 63468

Cancellation policy: Cancellation fee of $10 for one week or less prior notice.


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